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Our Journey

      Our journey began about 5 years ago during the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017 which left so many people in the Caribbean Islands living in darkness and in a sudden life threatening situation. Personally our close relatives in Puerto Rico were hit the hardest. Everyone who was affected by the hurricane struggled to find drinkable water and food to feed themselves and their families. In the midst of this devastation me and my wife began to pray, looking for guidance from God, thinking of ways to help as much people as we can.


    Traveling was not an option for obvious reasons and communication was impossible due to the destruction of all phone towers and the loss of electricity through out the Island of Puerto Rico. Signal was rare and spotty. As a few weeks past, the Island began to re-establish communication. We began to utilize social media to try to communicate and reunite families. We began to have lunch sales and small fundraising events at our personal jobs and communities to gather as much money and resources as possible to deliver to P.R. when it became possible to travel.  Once better communication was capable, my wife began to assist people who were most affected and who had no way to communicate or travel to complete their FEMA applications.


     Once the travel ban was lifted my wife was able to travel and deliver all we had gathered which included food, clothing, hygiene necessity, and a generator.  This dark period in our lives have impacted us in such a way that it has filled us with a greater desire to continue helping individuals and families that struggle with life itself. With the help of God Lighthouse Seven was created to continue to help deliver hope, love, and peace to humanity which is only found in Jesus Christ our savior. We have created a unique line of christian apparel each with a unique story to encourage and inspire people to believe in Jesus. We thank God for always guiding us and giving us the opportunity to bless those with what He has blessed us with. We want to thank those who dedicated their time and money toward the efforts. We love you and pray that God continues to bless you all.

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