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Christ Reconciliation & Family Loved Church
Pastor Uchemadu and Lady Mrs. Chinyere Lucky Joseph



Our current mission and family we are helping are from the country of Nigeria, in the lands of Hartcourt Nigeria. I want to introduce you all to Pastor Uchemadu and Mrs. Chinyere Lucky Jospeh and their beautiful children.


The vision is to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ through out the land of Nigeria by building a church where the neighboring villagers can come and praise God freely as members of the body of Christ.


Knowing Pastor Uchemadu Joseph 

             It's unbelievable for me to answer this question, because of the kind of person my father is. My mother once told me that when she was carrying me in her womb, God told her that I would be His servant. She said that among her five sons, God had chosen me. My mother's father, who was a reverend, lived with us while he was going about doing the work of God from one environment to another.

As a civil engineer, which is what I studied in school, God told me to stop it and focus on His work. However, I was running from answering this call. Nobody in my family believed that I would become a man of God.


             As God was calling me and I was running, it got to a point where He struck me with health challenges and gave me a choice: either Him or me. God told me that it was either I choose the work or I die. I was proving stubborn to answer the call, so God afflicted me with sickness. Before all this, anywhere I went, be it in church or anywhere else, people would call me a man of God. The sickness continued until I answered the calling.  I took all manner of medication, but it didn't work. I went for tests, but nothing was found. From Abuja, they took me home. It was a serious issue, brother. It was a very long journey before I finally answered the calling. I ended my stubborn ways and finally gave my all to the Lord. Immediately after I accepted the calling, the health challenge disappeared and God started to work in my life.I was ordained and became a pastor. I pastored five churches before God asked me to run my own ministry. 

            Today, everybody in my family understands what I went through, and as I speak to you, I am the spiritual father of my entire family. Everyone in my family can testify to my calling. Even when I was about to marry my wife, her pastor then told her that the man she was about to marry was a great man of God with his own ministry, and that she should get ready to become a woman of God as well.My life is full of testimonies, not one, not two, but so many times of being close to death. I came to understand that nobody that God called would humbly answer the calling without running away first. Look at Jonah in the Bible; he first ran away before he answered God's calling. It's better to obey God than to obey man.


             I am not doing this work because anyone else is doing it or because of the material things in it, or because my mother told me I was to be a servant of God. I was convinced by God Himself that He has called me into ministry, and therefore I am doing it with joy, gladness, and happiness. Most importantly, my salvation matters a lot more than anything else because I want to make it to heaven in the end. Thank God that you and Lighthouse Seven for understanding this whole thing. The spirit is always ready, but the flesh is weak. And for anyone to fulfill his or her purpose on earth, they must need the help of the Holy Spirit. Through true revelation, I found out that heaven and hell are real. Brother Victor, I tell you today that there's a better life after this one, which you and I will never miss in Jesus' name, Amen.

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