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My name is Victor Jimenez, founder and owner of Lighthouse Seven. First I want to thank you for taking the time to get to know Lighthouse Seven, me, and my family. Lighthouse Seven's inspiration and motivation is the love of God and the resilience of humanity. We know with certainty that every human being is special and that God has a great plan for each and one of us. From the most to the least of these, we all have a piece to the puzzle as image bearers of God. We reflect something of God's nature and character to the rest of creation. Therefore, the Lord has helped me and my family open Lighthouse Seven to be an instrument in making people see God power and love. Let's gather together and create a chain of events that can impact the world. As you all might know we can only make this happen with God being in the center guiding those to support us financially. If you feel from the Lord to give a donation to support our cause and vision, click the donation button. 

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the vision  and mission

Throughout all my life I have always tried to see the bright side of people. I have always wondered why the world is so unbalanced and unequal in nearly all aspects of life.  If we live on the right side of the hemisphere, every day we wake up, brush our teeth, get dressed, pamper ourselves with the latest and greatest sense. We are aloud to go to the kitchen and make us a cup of coffee and sandwich, without any restriction. We have the privilege and blessing to have a job and a car or bicycle. We can go to the grocery store or local bodega and get anything we want. We can shop until our wallets and purses burst without any one drawing a line. We practice any religious belief we desire and congregate with whom ever we want. We walk through cities and town and have four course meals thrown in the garbage just because. We literally have every opportunity given to us to succeed and become who we desire to be, yes, with opposition at times, but the right mind set and fire you can  succeed in life.  Now if you're born in the other half of this beautiful planet, this is not the case. Think......all I have mentioned above but the opposite. Why? Is it the hunger for power? money? For the deepest desires? and is there anything that we can do to combat this issue?  For me is the lost of love and disobedience for God, the desire to depend on ones own power and will then the power and will of the one who can creates life.  The God in which love is. This disobedience and disease is called sin. Let's be honest, if you love your neighbor in the way Jesus loves us, this world would never be as unbalanced as it is. We have the ability to turn the other cheek in the moment of desperation and opposition but we choose not to. We choose to take matters into our own hands, hands that fail 100 percent of the time, resolve issue with violence and hate. What if we turned the other cheek and love one and other when love isn't deserved? I believe this type of unconditional love is contagious and powerful. This is the type of love we aim for here at Lighthouse Seven. We would love for you all to be a part of the chain of events impacting the world. We want everyone to be a link in the chain of Jesus's love and sacrifice that is going to reach every heart longing for hope. Jesus loves us and has an amazing plan for our lives. If the Lord will it in your heart, please donate any amount by clicking the "donate" button or you can support us by purchasing any of our merchandise. Thank you and God bless.

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